Dongwoo Kim

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Hanyang University
1271 Sa-dong, Ansan
Kyeonggi, 425-791 Korea
phone: +82-31-400-5297
fax: +82-31-501-7502

I like baseball very much, both playing and watching (currently just watching^^). I like it because the position I should keep during the half inning for defense is firmly determined. It's my duty no one can take over. If I fail, my team will lose. Also, during the other half inning when every player waits for his turn for batting, even a big star has the same number of chances to show his talent. I love the time of "wait" as well as the even bats.

As a play in singles, I presently enjoy squash. If you have about one- or two-year experience in playing squash, why don't you meet your match here? Also, I am a beginner in tennis, which is another interesting one. 

Much of my research interests lie in building high-performance wireless communication systems. I like to know what determines their quality, how the quality can be evaluated and maximized before they are built, and how they can be efficiently operated after they are installed. Blessed with excellent colleagues, I can be extending my research results constantly. Please click here to see more about my research interests or what  WNL students do.

Thank you for visiting my web page. 

Notice: We welcome anyone who is interested in Ph. D. programs or Post-Doctoral positions sponsored  by Wireless Network Lab here. If you have an interest, just send me an email.
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